Gimmelwald, Switzerland

We arrived home from our two and a half week trip to Europe yesterday afternoon. We had spent the previous 48 hours traveling via planes, trains and buses and are still in a daze from the jet lag. What an amazing place Europe is. It's incredible how the quickly the cultures change from country to country. The architecture, landscape, food, language, they are all unique from one another. 

I figured if I don't start blogging these now I never will since a summer of weddings begins this week. So here is Switzerland. 

We stayed in Gimmelwald, Switerland which is a tiny town built on the top of the cliff. The only way to access this town is by tram and it is beautiful. Switzerland as a whole is nothing short of majestic in every sense of the word. 

We stayed in a small hotel that had the most adorable charm and it is owned by an 80-year-old man who has been running the place for over 30 years. He cooked us and the other guests dinner every night and we sat around and it was fun sitting and chatting with other travelers every night. 

By day we hiked and relaxed. Gimmelwald was the most relaxed our trip was even with the few hikes. Everything there moved at a slower pace in the best of ways. We definitely want to go back some day. 


erin louise said...

I dream of going to Switzerland one day, looks lovely

Andrea said...

YES! Keep the updates coming. These are magical! I can't wait to hear more.. (hopefully this week?)