Happy 29th Curt.

I'll admit that I tend to get a little mushy on my blog when talking about Curtis. I won't apologize for it though, because this blog is supposed to be a representation of who we are. And truth be told, I can be sort of mushy sometimes.

Happy Birthday Curt. You really make life worth living. Thanks for being understanding and supportive of your crazy busy wife. Thanks for working hard everyday, for putting in extra hours when necessary and going the extra mile in everything you do.

Last Sunday I was browsing KSL and found a cooler for flowers at an insanely cheap price. Curtis called the listing and went with me to go check it out. The cooler was a lot bigger than we expected and were worried it wouldn't fit into our landlord's garage. Not only worried about it not fitting, but also worried about imposing on his garage. Curtis knew how much it meant to me to make that cooler work. He measured the garage, talked to my landlord, enlisted the help of family and friends. Sometimes I'm not sure if he realizes how much I notice and appreciate these things, but I do.

Curtis, thanks for being you. Please never change. Your the greatest best friend and husband a girl could ask for, and I feel so grateful to have you in my life.

Happy 29, and nice mustache. Shave tomorrow? 


erin louise said...

Aww I love mushy posts! You guys are so cute

PS I'm glad you feel the same way I do about facial hair

Sharstin said...

cutest couple award goes to!