Christmas at our apt.

I think my favorite thing that people share in the blogging world is pictures of the places they live. It's where we dwell and spend the majority of our time. It's a representation of who we are and what we like, and I love that. Every home is so different and how different people take what they love and put it in to their homes in their own way has always been so interesting to me!

I love seeing how people decorate for the holidays, especially Christmas. I for one got the idea of the trees from a DIY someone did that I found online last year, and the glitter deer were a Martha Stewart craft I also found online. We don't have any place for a Christmas tree, while this really saddens me, I did find this cedar garland at Lowe's for 12 dollars! It was 20 feet long so I took some of it apart and made a wreath for my front door, stuck a few stems in a vase, and added the garland on a small bookshelf. This helped satisfy my need for greenery.  Have I mentioned that I'm excited for Christmas this year? Because I'm really excited for Christmas this year. 

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Sharstin said...

so gorgeous--love all the details! i love seeing your apartment--you have such amazing style.