Wardrobes I Met and Liked.

I can't tell you how awkward I felt having pictures taken for a style blog. I do not know how those style bloggers post pictures every day. Where do you put your hands? The best part about these pictures was how many times my sister and I were rolling on the ground laughing at how weird I was being. I admire them for their courage, because I don't know if I could do it!
I was so flattered that Cate asked me to be a part of this cute blog called Wardrobes I Met and Liked. You can go visit the post here. I like that they feature a lot of different girls and their personal styles. Thanks Cate! 


Talia Jensen said...

well you look cute as a peach! no idea how those fashion bloggers do it either. love your style girl!

ceebee said...

well you are just too adorable. love the photos, and that coat!

Sharstin said...

you have mad style and look gorg!

Jenny said...

Ha ha, I blog about my outfits but I absolutely HATE taking my photos. I feel so awkward the entire time! :) You look fabulous in these pics and I just LOVE that coat!

xo Jenny

Melissa Kent said...

are you starting to get creeped out that everytime i comment on your stuff it's to tell you how cute you are? well don't be! but you are stinkin adorable and i love your whole freaking outfit.

Minted Glam said...

You're so cute! Love your blog!!