I've honestly been so stressed out the past couple of weeks planning for my first shoot. I help with weddings all of the time, but haven't had the opportunity to just arrange on my own due to lack of flowers. Sarah had an event today and let me take some flowers home(Thank You). So for the most part the flowers are courtesy of her. I didn't have enough to fill this container the way I wanted so I went and clipped around our landlord's yard and went and clipped some of those berries I was crazy about. I feel really happy with it. It's pretty holiday looking, but I'll practice with whatever I can get.

P.S. Now I know why clipping is so scary. I almost hid what I clipped in my shirt so my neighbors wouldn't see...


Tawnee said...

These look amazing! I want an Ashley bouquet in my house!

Am-Biance said...

Nicely done Ash...it looks beautiful!

p.s. get better soon!