Love where you live.

I am a firm believer that plants bring life into the home. Even small plants scattered throughout, nothing big is necessary to add that warmth. I got a few take away plants from an event I helped with recently and I'm so in love with them. They really do make home feel like home.

I have a few air plants and they are beautiful. What's amazing about air plants is that as long as they are getting good sun, they can pretty much go anywhere. Not to mention they are low maintenance.

That pretty cabinet under the window is something new that Curtis refinished. We love it in the space, but at this point we literally don't have one more place for another piece of furniture. We already have a garage full of half finished projects and about 8 chairs that need to be stained.

I finally feel that even though our budget is small, our home reflects our personalities and lifestyle's. It's taken awhile to get to this point, but I walk into the door everyday and am happy with my living space, and that feels good. 


Sharstin said...

its really gorgeous gal--and you have such amazing style-- i can see you in your home--love it...

Talia Jensen said...

i love all the little details. it looks beautiful from what i can see! and i'd love to see more

curtis+ash said...

Thank you! I'm glad my home looks like somewhere I would live. I feel the same way about you and your home!

@Talia, thanks so much! Maybe I'll post more at a later date. :)

his little lady said...

Your space is absolutely breathtaking! You're really making me want to start really decorating our place. It's kind of pathetic how we've lived here for over 2 months and all we still have is a couch, coffee table and a bed.
This post is also really making me miss my camera. I'm going stir crazy not being able to take photographs!
xo TJ