Waiting on number three.

How cute are my two little nephews? They are so different in both their cute looks and little personalities, but they love each other, and we love them.

Stacey is about to have boy number three! We are so excited for her and have enjoyed watching their little family grow over the years. It's been a HOT summer, and Stace has been a complete trooper. Watching her parent her two little boys 7 months pregnant when we were in Virginia this summer was so special. She is such a sweet mom to her boys. Hopefully one day I can be half the mom she is, and with that I would feel pretty darn good.

We love you Stacey! Can't wait to welcome that new baby boy! 

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Am-Biance said...

okay crying...that was so sweet of you! You guys are both a wonderful Aunt and Uncle...you will be an amazing mommy and Curt an unreal daddy..let's have some cousins!
We love you guys..what a sweet post, totally touched my heart!