The best cookies you'll ever make.

I don't generally bake, I enjoy baking but Curtis doesn't really prefer sweets. But I do. So if I make them I'll eat the entire batch myself. He'll sneak a few of these because honestly it's the best chocolate chip cookie recipe out there.  Of course I found it on pinterest, and you can find the recipe here. I'm not sure if you'll hate me or love me for sharing this with you, because you'll undoubtably become addicted to these after one perfect batch. Only bake for 9 minutes. It's the magic number, at least in my oven. 


Sharstin said...

oh i am on this..sold!

emster said...

Al isn't so hot on the sweets either, but 9 is the lucky number for me too! 9 minutes in the oven and 9 cookies in my tummy. Don't judge me please :) Sundays are for treats, right? This is my new fave CCC recipe!

Ashley B. said...

Haha Em, I would never judge! Sundays definitely are for treats. Glad you like this recipe! It's so easy and so good.