Cafe Madrid

We celebrated our third anniversary at Cafe Madrid yesterday. I have no words for the chicken marsala.  I have had this dish many places, but this was indescribable. The sauce was absolutely amazing. Everything we had was delicious. The flavors were all paired well with each other and it was fun going somewhere new. We might've left spilling over our pants (skirts) but it was well worth it.

This weekend is Curtis' high school reunion, and I'm feeling weird about the idea of going. Have you been to high school reunions? Are they as awful as I am imagining them to be? Isn't that what facebook is for? I'm basically picturing Hollywood's version of a high school reunion because I have no other frame of reference.



erin louise said...

You guys are so cute! Miss ya

Sharstin said...

need to try this joint! your guys are one pretty pair! no advice for the high school reunion--i went to one and it was lame to the o!

kylee said...

i've always wondered what high school reunions were like, especially since the world of fb has taken over the real world.