I went to another farmers market tonight. I can't help myself! Fresh produce is so good, and it feels extra good supporting local farmers.

Blackberries were on my list tonight. I remember being seven years old living in Washington and spending afternoons picking blackberries. They lined the pathways of a park near a lake that we would often visit. They grew wild, thousands of them. We would spend time splashing in the lake, dry off and walk the paths picking blackberries for hours. I remember sneaking a few tastes because they were so tempting. Even the smell of blackberries takes me right back to those warm sunny days.


Talia Jensen said...

love love farmers markets. and how special to have those old feelings come back with the sight and taste of blackberries.


Sharstin said...

love! we go to oregon every summer and one of our fav things is to go pick blackberries on the side of the road--the best.