What's good?

It's funny, I don't even remember when it started but I quickly got into the habit of asking Curtis to "Tell me something good", or the shortened version of, "What's Good?" shortly after we were married. It's no secret to those that know me well that words of affirmation are definitely my love language. If you haven't read this book, read it now. Don't judge it by it's cover either. It may look cheesy, but it's filled with valuable information that everyone could benefit from.It's helped me in more ways than one with not only my spouse, but in all of the relationships I have. 
Sometimes we have rough days, and sometimes those rough days turn into rough weeks. I'm lucky to have this guy to tell me something good, and pick me back up when I'm broken and weak. I haven't been that enjoyable to be around this week, and Curtis has done his best to look past that and help lift me up with those little something goods. Sometimes I find it completely necessary to tell the world how grateful I am he picked me.
You know who else is great? My mom. She knows me better than most. She's seen me in the worst of times, and in the best of times and somehow she still loves me unconditionally. I don't know that I could be luckier to have her as my mom and more importantly, my best friend.

I feel lucky, and I don't ever take that for granted.

Happy weekend. 


Andrea said...

love this. I'm so happy you have someone that will pick up the pieces when you are feeling down. Also I'm glad you had a nice relaxing weekend, hopefully just what the doctor ordered!

Cate said...

words of affirmation is my love language too! While he is making me breakfast or doing some other act of service!

Moms really do make the best of friends it is so reassuring to have someone that as seen you at your worst and still loves you!

have a wonderful week!

his little lady said...

okay, this picture honestly just makes my heart swell. you both are absolutely adorable, and i'm still a little sad we never got around to hanging out while i was still living in UT.
and yes, that book cover looks EXTREMELY cheesy, but just because you recommended it, i may give it a little read ;)