Little Moments, Blush Photography.

I kind of couldn't wait for the actual digital files. So I may have taken screen shots from her pretty blog post. While I understand after just under three years of marriage we are still newbies and trying to figure it out, we have grown a lot in those three years. We understand how each other operates which leaves much more room for fun. I loved her description in her blog post about the in between moments, because that's what our lives are mostly filled with.

These photos, especially the ones up the canyon really exemplify who we are. We love the little moments. We love Saturdays and trips to 7-11 so we can share a slurpee. Yard Saling in the mornings so we can hunt for treasures, singing the girl and guy parts to Mates of State at the top of our lungs. These are the things that fill our moments. I understand that we are young and that life is not perfect, and as you grow life continues to become complicated, but it's the simple things that really bring us the most joy. I hope we never forget that. Kids will come eventually, and we look forward to that time in our lives and sharing these moments with them. But for now we are really enjoying this time we have to just get to know one another. I'm so glad that we were able to have those moments documented.

There are plenty more that I'm in love with so visit her blog! Gear up, because you'll be sitting in front of your screen for awhile looking through all of her beautiful photography. Check out her personal blog too, she has great taste in music.

Brooke, thank you a million times over. These photos mean the world to me.

P.S. That scooter was totally restored by Curtis himself, and he loves that thing.


kylee said...

i can't get over the beauty of these photos.

Denis & Sarah said...

Gorgeous pics. You two are just adorable. Enjoy your time with each other :) kids are fun and wort it but sometimes i miss our alone free time together.

Cate Christison said...

ash..what are you guys doing on friday night?? we should do a hike and picnic or something!


Sharstin said...

you are gorg-these are amazey

curtis+ash said...

Awe thank you all so much. Brooke is amazing. All credit goes to her. We love them.

Aly Sharette said...

you are beautiful! I am so happy that we met and got to know each other. And under the most unique circumstances!