Favorite Lipsticks.

I'm a lipstick junkie. It's gotten to the point that I have a hard time leaving the house without it. It adds color and brightness to the face which I like since I don't wear much eye make up. These are my favorite shades, mostly coral-y reds or pinks. I have the hardest time wanting to buy lipstick without seeing it on someone else or hearing a review by a friend or someone online. So I thought I'd add my two cents. Plus, you don't have to spend big bucks to get a good one.

My newest favorite: Nicki by MAC Viva Glam. It's an opaque pretty pink that brightens the face.

Bright Pink: Impassioned by MAC. It's a pretty almost neon dark pink and has been one of my favorite lipsticks. I'm wearing it in these pictures.

Favorite Coral: Maybelline Coral Crush, it's quite close to Impassioned but it has more of an orangey undertone. It's more of a true coral and my go to when I don't want to wear anything too bold but still want that brightness. I'm already on to my second stick! Good thing it's only $5 at drugstores.

A good red: I tend to lean towards the coral toned lipsticks because they seem to suite my coloring best. This red has been my favorite thus far. This is Revlon Fire and Ice, it's a pretty red that really reminds me of the 60's. It's a classic red that would suite most skin tones in my opinion.

I am not a lipstick expert, but these are definitely my favorites.


Denis & Sarah said...

I just found out today that you lived in the 900 court! That's where we are! Thanks for the lipstick advice, I'm new at it and never know what to buy. I bought one color thinking I'd like it and it doesn't go with my skin at all. I'll have to try some of yours.

curtis+ash said...

@sarah, crazy! Sad I missed the opportunity to live in the same court at the same time! Andrea is the lipstick queen I think. Everything I know I have learned from her. We've got a good friend in her! Let's all go lipstick shopping!

erin louise said...

I loved that lipstick you wore today I want that color for the summer

Andrea said...

what is better than a new shade of lipstick? I wore our new one yesterday & couldn't get over myself it was so hot. ha!

Allison said...

Love this post. I totally have a lipstick graveyard of ones I've bought on a whim and hated. I've decided to go only with recommendations! I know a few people who wear the Mac Nick Minaj one and it's so pretty, so that's my next buy!

Ashley B. said...

@Allison, yes go pick it up! It would look so pretty on you! Coral Crush on your skin tone would be amazing too.

Lexi said...

I am such a fan of lipstick! Even when I'm having a blech day, a swipe of lipstick really brightens me up!
♡ Lexi
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