My blog has been highly neglected in the last couple of weeks. Instagram has become a bit of a new obsession, these pictures make that evident. It's been a good last couple of weeks. We enjoyed conference weekend. I especially enjoyed President Uchtdorf's talk, as always it was something I needed to hear. After Priesthood Curtis rushed home and we headed to the Fun concert at In the Venue. It was a blast. Other pictures, pretty blossoms, spring clothes, city creek, and Curtis longboarding with our nephew Brayden. My goal is to take real pictures this week! We'll see if it happens.


kylee said...

isn't it crazy how instagram takes over your life? i hardly use my real camera anymore, and often tell myself i need to! instagram is just so convenient.

Andrea said...

that third picture is such a good one of you! Pretty friend.

Karen said...

I did Beta with you sister Morgan! I think she is beautiful, as are you! What a cute blog you have!