Sick Day.

Sick today. So I'm stuck at home watching terrible mid-day television and lounging on the couch. 
I was going through old voicemails on my phone and I have some saved from Curtis all the way back from 2007. They are my very favorite from when we first started dating. Do you ever save voicemails? I want to find a way to record them so I can have them forever. 


Mr. Taylor and his Lady said...

oh no! hope you feel better soon!
and i'm so sad because i had messages saved from the mister while he was at the airport right before leaving for his mission, but when i got my new phone they erased them. oh well, i have other ones now that are even gushier ;)

Ashley B. said...

The saddest part about this blog post is that I wrote this before I got my iphone. I had no idea that I would be walking out with an iphone but without my sweet voicemails. I'd be lying if I said I didn't shed some tears.