Twenty Eleven.

Twenty-Eleven has come and gone. We rang in the new year by watching Dick Clark host the ball drop. He kissed his wife when the clock stroke twelve and it was beautiful. I've spent many New Years with Dick Clark on the TV creating noise in the background of food, games and excited kids to be up past their bed time. 
It's been a good year for us. We both finished up our last semesters at The University of Utah. Curtis finished his Masters in Accounting and I received my Bachelors in Strategic Communication. This was by far our greatest accomplishment of 2011, and a big box that has been happily checked in our lives. We won't have pictures to document this until we walk later this Spring. 
Thanks to our family and friends who have blessed our lives and helped us get where we are. 
We love you.
Happy New Year! 


Rodney and Tanya said...

Love this! Well done. As usual. Happy New Year!

Am-Biance said...

Fun layout and year! Great pictures...Cheers to 2012...