Jack of All Trades.

I was reading this blog post a few weeks ago and appreciated the honesty that she was able to convey to her readers and photographers from all over. I listened to her pod cast and what she said really resonated with me. She explains how she got into the business of photography, how she has always been an artist but struggled to find her medium, a "jack of all trades" was what she called it.
I couldn't help but feel completely connected with her explanation.
From the time I was little I've always felt the innate need to be creative. This was expressed in every area of my life. I would be creating things from other unexpected things, spending countless hours sitting cross legged on my bed making bracelets and necklaces out of everything you can think of. I'd go through phases of jewelry making to sculpting clay figures to drawing. My grandpa still has a purple pig I sculpted out of clay when I was nine on his desk that he truly treasures.
In high school I took a watercolor class and loved it from the moment I painted my first painting. It was of an antique ladle that was my great grandmother's. It was tarnished and beautiful with all of its imperfections. I took AP art later, and loved it, but still felt painting wasn't necessarily my niche.
In college I had the opportunity to take a few photography classes where I learned to develop film, what a beautiful process it is. I took digital and began to love it, but still it's a hobby for me more than something I want to pursue as a career.
I feel I've always considered myself an artist in some way. I've always viewed the world a bit differently, from a different perspective.  I just feel now that I need to find that niche that allows me to express that perspective to the world in a way that enables me to do what I love every single day. I see friends around me really going for it. Not always being so practical with their decisions. And while I'll always be practical, I can't help but think that there is something I'm meant to be doing with my talents that I haven't yet found.
Now that school is over, I really don't feel I have any excuses. I want to take a direction, take some classes. Do something to allow myself to continue to be creative until I find that niche. That one thing that sets me apart from being a jack of all trades.


Mr. Taylor and his Lady said...

love this! and trust me, we all feel this way. especially those now having graduated and still finding that perfect job. can't wait to find what creative outlet you discover :)

Ashley said...

Oh, I am in the same boat. I think it's a large boat, and it doesn't necessarily have an age limit. We are all working jobs at some point or another that means nothing more than a pay check to us. But, eventually you will find something. You just have to look. And keep buying those cute shoes. And telling me when there are deals like that because yes, I bought them thanks to you. So, thank you for your help.

Andrea said...

Love this post. I feel like I am in a similar situation. I'm glad you have some time now that you can discover what you are really passionate about!

Brittanee Lee said...

Ashley. I relate to you so much it's unreal. This was super refreshing

Brittanee Lee