Elder Ben.

When we dropped Ben off at the MTC, two missionaries came up to the car to help Ben with his luggage and get him checked into the MTC. When they asked him what his name was he said, "Ben." Their response, "Welcome to the MTC Elder Ben!" He's probably learned by now, but we'll probably never let him forget it. He's doing very well, and leaves for Russia on December 13th, just in time to freeze his little butt off. When I read his letters every week I'm always amazed at how grown up he sounds. We're excited to talk to him on Christmas! Here are some recent pictures.


Mr. Taylor and his Lady said...

eric's cousin is in russia right now serving his mission as well. the language is definitely hard but your brother will have so much fun! :)
xo TJ

The Neilson Family said...

Oh that is great that he is doing so well. I am glad you have given an update on how he is doing. Hopefully he is warm enough in Russia!