We went to the drive in with our friends Rod and Tan and I hadn't been to a drive in, let alone a movie in years. The weather was perfect, and Super 8 was really good. So many summer activities left to be enjoyed.
And yes, that is a twin size mattress in the back of Curtis' truck, it's the only way to go to the drive in!
PS. Thanks for the pics Rod and Tan (I may have stole these off their blog)


Rodney and Tanya said...

We're glad you liked Super 8 . . . and proud you stayed awake for the whole thing! That is seriously a record for you. It must have been the power of the jumbo sized bag of sour patch kids!

Andrea said...

ummm hello i LOVE the drive in. we go all the time. we have to go together! and don't worry we bring a bed too :)

EmandZak said...

Drive in's are great! And so are sour patch kids. yum.