Yamaha Riva.

So funny. Curtis found this Ad today, after he completely restored his scooter EXACTLY like this. Red and black paint in the exact same places. In fact while at Dan's the other day a man stopped Curtis and said, "Wow, that is a beautiful scooter." Maybe a slight over statement, but it does really look good. We'll post a picture, today was a little frustrating. He had some issues with the muffler. So as I type this he is out in the garage working on his little scooter baby.
She'll be good as new in no time I'm sure.
This Ad is just hilarious to me too. Oh the 80's. I love the look on her face in reaction to that very large sandwich.


Rodney Rasmussen said...

HAHA you should frame that picture and put it in Curtis' office.

Erin_Skidmore said...

oh that is cute!