U.O. I love you so.

I love Urban Outfitters.
You feel the same way I'm sure.
It's rare that Curtis and I can spend a lot of time in one store but we could spend a lot of time digging through their sale racks and going through their home decor section. We scored some cute stuff tonight, for insane prices. I suggest you get over there soon!

Round Petal Pillow: $19.99 originally $42

Patchwork Quilt: $39.99 originally $128

Kimichi Blue Silk Dress: $9.99 originally $69

(Don't think Curtis was left out, he got a pair of shorts and a shirt too.)


Jessica.Harris said...

Love the pillow...Love the quilt...The picture looks AHHHmazing!

erin louise said...

Wow the picture turned out amazinf and i love that pillow and quilt

Am-Biance said...

SO perfect...everything!
The quilt is super cute, and the picture is fantastic!!
What a fun project...love it!

Caitlin said...

cool idea! It turned out great! I appreciate having a guy with some style sense :)