And I'm sorry. Lately, all I do is mess around in photoshop and illustrator and I keep having these ideas and implementing them immediately. I'm thinking a great way to motivate me to do photoshop/illustrator tutorials would be to post the projects I finish on my blog. If you have any tips for me, or if you like/don't like the changes I've made, speak up! I'd love to hear your comments. Thanks for reading my blog by the way. I don't know why, but it's something I have really enjoyed updating.
Today has been one of those days and I'm incredibly stressed out this semester with school, work and my internship. I just don't know that I have ever been this stressed before, but it's good stress resulting from good opportunities.
So thanks friends.


kylee said...

love love looove the new blog look.

m. gustafson said...

i love all your blog designs. and if you ever feel like you need some practice you can do mine. i will pay you $5. or more. ;)

Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

I am all for changing the blog up :) Mine has gone through so many, haha.

Rodney Rasmussen said...

I like the new header. Well done!

Andrea said...

i will give you a shoulder massage on the way down to provo to relieve some stress :)

Love all the blog changes though! will you PLEASE PLEASE help me with mine? you know, in all your free time.