Paste magazine sadly is no longer in print. I was saddened to discover this today. I found out about Paste magazine about five years ago and loved everything about the magazine, the artwork, the articles, and the free CD. That was the fantastic thing about the magazine, a free sampler disc of new music and new artists with every issue. I loved coming home and seeing the new issue of paste sitting on the counter waiting anxiously to be read cover to cover. I was recently remembering how much I appreciated the magazine and was thinking about renewing when I discovered their demise. It looks as though they are somewhat keeping up various aspects of their site but they haven't come out with a new full issue since July.

Their most recent sampler is on their homepage from November, these were some favorites.

Junip (Jose Gonzalez) - Always
Ra Ra Riot - Boy
Of Montreal - Coquet Coquette
Lost in the Trees -All Alone in an Empty House
Ferraby Lionheart - Harry & Bess

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