D M V.

I cursed.

I'll admit that this isn't something that's completely out of the ordinary but I don't generally curse at people, with the exception of today.

Back in March I was at the DMV changing my name on my license to my married name. If you are a long time follower of the blog or know me personally you know I was married in August of 2009. Am I a procrastinator? Yes. Often times I don't do things until the last minute, they get done when they need to be, but nonetheless it's a bad habit and I'm aware of it. It's a new policy that you have to bring various forms of identification in order to renew your license or in my case, change your name on your license.  I remembered everything, but my birth certificate. They issued me a temporary license that would last six months until I brought in my birth certificate. Well six months came and went and it's almost March again. I figured now was probably a good time to take care of it.

I drove to the DMV in West Valley, walked through the doors in a fairly good mood. There are signs everywhere telling me to fill out paperwork before getting in line, I've already filled this paperwork out 11 months ago and I'm not about to do it again. So I ask an individual if I need to do it again based on my situation, he advises me that I do. I get in line, and I ask another employee if I need to be standing in this line to take a picture and get a number if I have already done this. He tells me that since my temporary has expired that I must wait in the line and get a new picture taken. I waited for about 40 minutes to be told that waiting in that line wasn't necessary, that they didn't NEED to take my picture again.

I get my number and I am waiting and they finally call B119. I get up to the counter and the lady says, "What do you want." I am livid as is, but I am respectful and tell her that I just need to show her my birth certificate in order to get my license issued. She asks if this was the original DMV that I went to to file the initial paperwork. I respond, "No." She hands back all of my documents and says, "Sorry, you'll have to go back to the other DMV." I lost it. Profanities were said at my frustrations with incompetent employees and government offices in general.  By the way, the paperwork I filled out initially that took five minutes, no one even LOOKED AT IT.

I drove all the way to the other DMV and two hours of my day are two hours I will never get back. And here I was looking forward to Feburary. I have higher hopes for Feb. 2.


Knudsen's said...

LOL! I would have loved to been there to witness that little event. :)

Rodney Rasmussen said...

I also would have loved to see you rage, since it so rarely occurs.

Kristin said...

What the?! The original DMV you went to? That doesn't even make sense. I would curse also. That's madness.

Heidi said...

Reading this story doesn't do it justice. Hearing it in person is great!