Internship in Art Space.

Last semester I took a web design class and really liked the creative process that went into it. Although my knowledge is basic, I really want to learn more. My professor mentioned that he may be able to get me an internship. Well he did. I start next week helping these creative minds work on anything from video production to web design, and everything in between.
The location is awesome, Art Space. I'm excited to finally be in a creative work environment. It's going to be a great learning experience for me and I'm excited to move forward.
It will yet again be another busy semester, working 30 hours at my day job, going to school and working 12 hours at this internship. The pay off will be more than worth it though.


kylee said...

congrats on the internship! i'm sure you'll do great!

Brittanee Lee said...

aaaaw that is rad ashley! I'm right behind you girl :)

erin louise said...

Movin' on up! Remember your little west side friend someday :)

Am-Biance said...

Yeah, so excited for you...That will be such a good experience :)

Kayla Porter said...

Yo girl, that is rad! Are you working for Art Space or a company located in Art Space? If so, which one?

Congrats! :)