50 cents.

Spotted this book at the DI today for 5o cents. I've seen this book before, and the illustrations are beautifully simple. It's a witty "how to" on proper table manners. The illustrations are done by Joe Eula. He was a fashion illustrator that has had work in publications such as Vogue and Harper's Bazaar. Very cute.
PS. If you are interested in owning your very own copy, looks like Amazon has them used starting at 01. cent, I think that is a pretty affordable price, wouldn't you say?

Also have you seen this video of the man behind The Satorialist?

His point of view is beautiful.
"My lack of knowledge in the beginning really helped and really just made me refine what little I knew to make it work. I think if you ask any other person that does a creative thing, you know they probably go to school and learn all of these different things and as they get better it just narrows and narrows. You can ask most chefs, they would need five ingredients, one pan and a stick of butter and they can make the best meal you've ever had. I think that's really where most photographers would like to get to is to not to have all that other stuff but be able to create the most beautiful image they can in the most simple way they can."

"When I look at something I don't really think is that fashionable enough, is that of the moment enough, I'm just reacting."

What an artist he is. Love this video.

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