When you are little and believe in Santa Clause, Christmas is the most anticipated day of the year. On Christmas Eve with our families we talked about how fun it was staying up all night and waking up extremely early because we could barely hold in our excitement. This year I was excited for a different reason. Things get so busy school, work and other responsibilities that time with our families gets cut short. This year I was excited to be with family and to celebrate together. It's interesting how things of importance shift as you get older.

Curtis has been keeping his gift for me under wraps for the past month, not giving me any sort of idea of what he might have gotten. He even went as far as getting me to send him Christmas wish lists and intentionally saying things to throw me off. I'm almost never surprised on Christmas, but this year...I was surprised to tears. Curtis knows how much I have been wanting a nice camera to capture our lives and beautiful things, but we just haven't been able to justify the expense. I never thought that he would have gone for it, but he did.

We spent Christmas morning at my parents house, and Curtis had kept even the box size a secret all morning. He handed me a large wrapped box, that was just holding another smaller wrapped box covered in packing peanuts. My family was all thinking the package was a pair of shoes. As I unwrapped the smaller package and saw the Nikon logo I completely lost it, tears were quickly streaming. Curtis had successfully surprised me, and here was my family thinking I was tearing up over a pair of shoes.

I feel so blessed to have such wonderful family, and such a thoughtful husband. Ever since the beginning when we were dating he has been the best gift giver, always very thoughtful. This Christmas I am grateful for him, grateful for his incredible parents that I now get to claim as mine as well! Grateful for my wonderful parents and family and for the support that they are to us.

On Christmas Eve we went to both Curtis' grandpa's and my grandparent's houses. We had the opportunity to chat with my grandparents for awhile since we had to arrive a little late. It was great. And, if you are looking at my cute Grandma and thinking she has a black eye, she does. First of all, my grandma has one of the cutest/funniest personalities you have ever seen, but she dropped an ornament and went to go pick it up and she wacked her cheek on the corner of the desk (ouch). But when she tells you the story, she adds flare and makes light of it. She's cute.
Merry Christmas, I hope yours was as memorable and loving as ours.


Am-Biance said...

So cute! Love that you have "the camera", you deserve it :)...Great Christmas!

Emily said...

love those grandparents. And you guys too i guess :)! Apparently we had just missed eachother! Maybe next time! Hope you had a good one.