So long 2010...

Things accomplished this year that are worth making note of:
1. Finished another three semesters of school (only two left!)
2. Curtis finished his undergrad and got into grad school.
3. Went to Costa Rica
4. Went to Hawaii
5. Climbed Stairway to Heaven in Hawaii and lived to tell about it.
6. Two Vampire Weekend concerts in a 6 month time period.
7. Moved out of student housing
8. Both Curtis and I completed internships
9. Learned to love school
10. Got a calling in church teaching primary
11. Spoke in Church twice
12. Ate at Red Iguana for the first time
13. Discovered citydeals.com
14. Tried bangs (didn't like them enough to keep them)
15. Jury Duty (one of the worst days of 2010, ask me about it later)
16. Found a reason to write a paper about Radiohead
17. Learned how to be a little more patient and learning to be a better wife everyday.
18. Made Pizzelles, our Italian family tradition.
19. Enjoyed every single Sunday dinner with both families (thanks for feeding us!)
20. Curtis finished the antique wardrobe (pictures to come soon)

These are just a few things, some serious, some not so serious. 2010 was a good year, a lot was accomplished and we have a lot to be grateful for.

May your New Years be covered in sequins...

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Ashley said...

You only just ate at Red Iguana. I hope you at least got the enchiladas to make up for so much lost time. We should go there, it's the best.