The look.

Photos by Jessica Kettle
My mom needed some pictures from our wedding for a Christmas gift so I pulled out our wedding disk and started going through pictures. I never tire of looking at our wedding photos. I came across a few that I forgot about and really love, mainly because of the looks on our faces that really tell it all. I know my blog is polluted with wedding photos as it is, but I just can't resist.
I promise this will be the last one for awhile.
Can you believe it's almost Christmas? Less than a week away and I'm not even close to ready. But I did get something really awesome for Curtis for Christmas that I can't wait to share!
PS. I'm thinking about selling my wedding dress, any thoughts? Or takers for that matter?

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Isaac & Meg said...

OK i love your pictures! I can't get over how great they look. BTW we are out of school, this is amazing, now we need to live it up ha ha but seriously, game night needs to happen again!