Curtis is twenty-seven

We used to have a macrame owl named Harvey, I found this ornament and new exactly what I would do with it!
Dear Curt,
Happy birthday! Even though your birthday was on a Monday and you had to work all day and I had a final, it was a pretty good day when you got home. You are so great, and I'm so grateful for you. Thanks for being so scholarly and graduating with your Bachelors and getting into grad school, bright future ahead! You have been an example to me of dedication to school work and I appreciate that. Thanks for getting us out of student housing and into this cute little basement apartment in a neighborhood I may never get to live in again. Thanks for calling me Chow, at first I thought it was weird but then it really grew on me, never stop okay? I'm a little mad you didn't want any dessert because I wanted you to get to blow out a candle, I guess it is your birthday, and I would have ended up eating the whole dessert, so actually thanks for that too. Being married to you is pretty fun. Thanks for picking me.
I love you forever.
P.S. Even though I made a pretty good dinner tonight, we should still go out this weekend for fun. k?


Jessica.Harris said...

happy birthday, dear curtis!
happy birthday, to you!

Rodney & Tanya said...

Darls Faces . . . Happy Bird-day Curtis!

erin louise said...

ahhhhh I love declarations of love...*sigh* Very cute ash as usual!