Latest yard sale finds.

Curtis is great. While on the way to work yesterday he spotted the following things...
This chair, he knew the second he saw it that I would need it. I think we are going to paint the arms and legs.
This lamp, another to add to our collection. We love these hanging ones.

These fans, which I think I would have most likely just looked over, but then I saw them all cleaned up and I was sold. Good idea Curtis.

The greatest part is the grand total of these four finds was:
And I'm kind of embarrassed for posting these pictures of our apartment, but I had to do it. We are moving into the Harvard Yale area at the end of this month into a basement apartment so maybe I needed a memory of our apartment posted somewhere forever. I hope we always grow from where we are now. I actually really have a love/hate relationship for this couch, I hate the color and fabric, but the shape is perfect, and it's actually quite comfortable. It also matches a little too well with everything we have. Soon we will buy a couch that's not from the 60's. I look forward to that day. I think overall though our place has turned out alright, but we are pretttty thrilled to be moving. I'll post pics when we do! 


erin louise said...

wow such a cute apartment, not that I'm surprised

Am-Biance said...

Good finds! He always is on the lookout for great stuff...I am a fan of the fans :)

N Gines said...

Love your blog. Your apartment is cute even your green mossy couch. You can always get it upholstered. :)

Jessica.Harris said...

Lookin' good Ash!