typewriters and tony's.

Curtis works just off of South Temple and often will park in the Avenues and long board to work. Today he happened to come across a yard sale and stopped in to check it out. He found this Remington Rand typewriter made in 1941. Curtis had a typewriter on his mission and all of his letters home would be typed out on it. He sold it, and he has regretted it ever since. So after seeing this typewriter in pristine condition he had to have it. I was glad he spotted it.

Then tonight we went to Tony Caputo's with Curtis' parents. It was as good as ever and a fun evening. We love every minute of our weekends since our weeks are so incredibly packed and scheduled.
Enjoy your weekend.


Miss Morgan said...

I have several letters from Curtis I received on his mission that were written on his trusty typewriter. Only Curtis!

Am-Biance said...

Wow, that is so amazing...How does he come across these things?! Love it..