Salt City Burger Co.

If you live in Salt Lake and you haven't been to Salt City Burger Co. you need to change that and go immediately. The burgers are amazing, the best I've ever had. Curtis is a lover and connoisseur of burgers, and he says they are some of the best he has ever experienced. Highly recommend you try it out, very reasonably priced, and the service is amazing, family owned! My friend Megan's family owns it, and their family is more than adorable.

This cookie in a skillet is incredible, a must have when you go.

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Heidi said...

Hey, since Megan is your friend can you ask her if they have a gluten-free menu. I ask because I heard about an amazing burger place that had gluten-free buns and Im praying this is the place! if not, I know that there is one out there for me =) and we will need to find it and eat there.