favorite chair.

In an apartment constructed of generic materials such as cinder blocks, it's completely necessary that you fill it with things you love. I've had this chair for almost a year, and I'm in love with it. I actually have two, but we are storing one for the time being. We bought them from a friend who had found them at the DI. We looked at the tag in the chair and it was made in 1963, in fact our couch is most likely from the same decade. It's very long, very green, and very velvet.


Megan said...

I love that chair...and I love your outfit. So cute.
xoxo, Meg

Becca Jane said...

We're going to do a "parade of homes" for Enrichment in September, just to get ideas for decorating and storage and layout. Sounds like your place might have to be one of our "stops"!!!

Sarah Winward said...

such a good chair, im glad it has a good home. except have you ever watched really tall people sit down in it? i feel like time goes into slow motion because it takes so long for them to get all the way down there. and then they look like giants sitting in it.