San Jose.

San Jose was actually kind of gross, but beautiful in it's own right. Being there a day was all that was needed. Outside of the city is really where the beauty lies. I respect architecture in any place so I found some beautiful things and tried to capture them the best I could. We drove through so many amazing cities on one of our bus rides home from white water rafting the Pacuare River that I wished I could stop the bus for, but couldn't. I took mental pictures of all of it. I can't explain enough how much I loved Costa Rica, and how incredibly beautiful it is. The last picture is a picture of Curtis and I at our very first Soda eating rice and beans, I rarely got sick of them either. It's hard to get sick of such an amazing place, regardless of its basic foods.

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Goog & Winnie said...

oh my gosh ash i love that shadow tree picture so much. my two favorite things. that picture is perfect.