Monte Verde.

(apparently all I wore for the first week was this rain jacket, sorry.)

Curtis with a little fresh water crab he found.

Our car we named Diego, he wasn't anything special, but he got us around. 

The sunsets, oh the sunsets.

Monte Verde was probably my favorite place. We stayed at an awesome little bed and breakfast and were served banana pancakes by the owner, Nancy. She recommended that zip line and her German friend who had horses. Horse back riding up a mountain was so amazing, and beautiful. The horses ran too, which was frightening and we all thought we were going to get thrown out of the saddle, but we survived. The next morning we went zip lining through cloud rain forests, the final zip line was a mile long. Believe it. So incredible, one of the most amazing things I have ever experienced. Afterwards we hiked up to that beautiful waterfall. That was probably my favorite day. 

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