Graphic Images, viewer discretion is advised.

We spent last night at the emergency room. We have a fish named Fredrick (Fred for short), and he lives in a large glass bowl. Curtis went to pick up the bowl by the lip, and the bowl just shattered taking Curtis' poor fingers with it. Curtis and I both have a tough time with blood. In fact I was sitting in the bedroom when I heard the crash of the shattered glass and possibly a few curse words. I came out to see Curtis leaned over a pool of dripping blood, shattered glass and water everywhere. Also Fred laying lifeless on the floor. I, as previously mentioned, do not do well with blood. In fact I have fainted many times do to my own bloody injuries. So having to help my husband was a challenge, but then Curtis wanted me to pick up FRED! I couldn't do it. Curtis with three bloody fingers picked up Fred and saved him. Thinking of others before himself. It was after that when Curtis became pale as a ghost, not to mention me, pale as a ghost. So we called Jaron, Curt's personal ambulance and made it to the hospital. 15 stitches later and and his fingers heavily bandaged he walked away fine with a good story.
Sorry for the disgusting images. I'm weak just typing this.

PS. If you don't know Curtis well then you don't know that he took a chainsaw to the knee about three years ago. I see a pattern of accident proneness. Pictures of that to come upon request.


Becca Jane said...

Oh no!! I hope he (& you!) are okay!! And I'm glad Fred is okay too...I always had fish growing up and would get so attached to them!

Miss Morgan said...

Why does this not surprise me. I'm glad that Curtis did not take a chain saw to his knee again. You are a good wife!

Heidi said...

I dont know whether to laugh or cry. This story is well written, a tragic comedy. oh, and poor Fred (love that name hahah) he is laying lifeless on the floor. wow. Leave it to Curtis (the perfect man) to save anothers life while he himself is on the brink of death. Lets not forget Ashely, who faints at any chance she gets and almost always faints when the word or smell, or sound of a FART takes place. I hope you both have a full recoverey and an insurance settlement coming his way.

The Neilson Family said...

That is awful!! I am so glad he is ok and Fred is too! You two will be great when you have a child that is bleeding. That will be one funny story!

Am-Biance said...

I am so glad that he is alright, and that goes for you too missy! Sliced fingers are no fun..what are you going to do with that boy?!

psst..glad Fred is alright :)