emma pillsbury.

I don't think there is anyone that could deny that she is one of the cutest people on TV right now. Everything about her character is perfect.
If you aren't watching Glee, (sighs) you really should be. Don't let the breaking into song thing deter you, it's lovely.

She was wearing this paired with a bright red pencil skirt and heels in last night's episode. So adorable.


Rodney Rasmussen said...

Did you know that she has also been on Ugly Betty and Heroes? (both really good shows too). I love her.

Becca Jane said...

We saw Glee a few times last year, but I think it conflicts with Nate's work/other shows. We might have to get it on DVD or something because I remembre really liking what I saw of it. We watch LOST, 24 and the Office pretty religiously.

Megan said...

I love her style...and I always love the outfits she wears. Where is that sweater from? Is it somewhat affordable?

Heidi said...

Gee Glee is rad. Thanks for letting me know my blog title was "." oops, I was now able to fix the problem so thank you. I hope work was bearable considering whats to come on the morrow. Be brave. YIPEEE