Bargain city.

It happened. I found the best deal of all time today. Make fun of me if you wish, but finding a great bargain is better than sour patch kids, and I LOVE sour patch kids.
I spend a lot of useless time browsing my favorite stores online, among them, Anthropologie. Anthropologie frustrates me, they have everything beautiful but they are so over priced. I rarely buy anything from there because I can't even justify their sale prices. The few things I own from there I cherish.
But today, thanks to my mindless browsing, I saw it.

Although it may not look like much, the price tag on it is outrageous. Just a simple swimsuit cover up, anthro's price tag...an astonishing $198. Curtis and I frequent this place in west valley that is literally a bargain city, and I saw this very cover up marked at $19.95 with an additional 30% off. I walked away with this $198 dollar cover up for roughly 14 dollars. It was a large, but thanks to my seamstress of a mom she is already graciously taking in the elastic at the top for me.
I'd say I'm rather thrilled at my find. Perfect for the summer ahead! And the lobsters, oh the lobsters. It just feeds my need for everything nautical.
PS. I also found this RVCA v neck, also nautical for 12 dollars.
Good day.


Becca Jane said...

I love a good steal! I bet your closet is gorgeous... sadly I usually just wear jeans and a t-shirt because my kids would destroy anything else! Someday I'll dress cute again...someday!!

Heidi said...

Ashley. Im at a loss. Really. I am happy for you, I try not to be envious of your simple "coincidences" but come on. I consider these little gems you find tender mercies. I luff you and Im excited for your adventures. I will be with you in spirit stressing out at all the things that can happen in COSTA jk


Miss Morgan said...

So I think you need to share your secret place in WVC...

Jessica Kettle said...

oh i just died laughing, i am OBSESSED with getting good deals on fancy things (or really old crappy things), and sour patch kids have been my favorite candy since i was 5. obviously we need to shop and eat together more often.