What is it about Spring that makes us yearn for change? Change of weather, change of clothes, change of atmosphere. Everyone is counting down the days until warm weather is here to stay since we have become so jaded with the inconsistency of Utah's forecast.
 New Years is the time when everyone pulls out their dusted journals and pens and write down the things they wish to improve on in the coming year. I am not one of those people. Because of its eminence I mentally take note of what it is about myself I want to change but quickly like most others the thoughts go directly back to where ever they were in years past. They sit in these storage cabinets in my brain that are hardly ever opened or explored.  The intentions to make these changes are real, yet for some reason by the time January is through so are these strong motivations we once had.
I guess the reason for this rant is because I think more so than New Years, Spring is a time for me to really reflect on my life and what it is about me that needs to change with the new weather, and the rebirth of everything green. 
I'm lucky, maybe lucky isn't even the word. My life has taken me to a place I couldn't ever have imagined in years previous. Although I have had my fair share of challenges, I have been blessed and I recognize that. I've been married almost 8 months and it's completely surreal how fast time flies. Curtis told me the other day the reason why we feel that our days are so much shorter as we age is because our age is relative to the number of years we have been alive. When you turn ten, that year is one tenth of your life, a large portion. But as you age these ratios become smaller and time only gets faster. 
Because time is valuable, I want to be more respectful of that. Enjoy my surroundings more. Enjoy life in general more, be positive more, because there is always room for more improvement in anything. Being a better person is a goal I'm constantly striving for. 
So with this rant, this blogged rant, I just want to point out that I'm grateful, and I'm blessed, and I'm so ecstatic to be where I am. I'm excited for what the coming months will bring. With this Spring season underway I want to focus on improvements I can make in every facet of my life whether big or small. Improvement and striving to better yourself is the best way to help you grow.

PS. I am craving freckled cheeks and beach hair more than I could ever describe after listening to Jack Johnson today...


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