J. Crew Fall Collection

Wow. I was made aware of this collection through this blog I follow. How wonderful and completely refreshing is this fall collection. So much headwear, so many vintage pieces. Still J. Crew, but definitely something different then all of the pretty frills and details. While those are still there, there is quite a quirkiness to the upcoming Fall Line. 
I love this from the article...."Among the on-trend surprises: an olive-drab vest with Mongolian shearling lining, a sweater jacket trimmed in alpaca, and, yes, diaper shorts—all pieces with that "Oh, is that J.Crew?" potential. "I love it when people ask that," said Lyons, who has been on a roll lately. "But why are they so surprised?" 
Yes why are they so surprised? 
You can find this article and the entire collection here from www.style.com.


Megan said...

I am so glad you posted this...J.Crew really is so inspiring aren't they?

Heidi said...

Stop there, the jacket in the second picture with all the cute detailing on it is so perfect. Love these pictures.