She bangs.

My friend Tanya has this Roxy Catalog and I fell in love with this girl's bangs. I've been talking about doing it for long enough that I just might do it next time I get my hair cut.


Jessica.Harris said...

Do it. I love bangs. I think I'm going to keep mine. for-ev-er.

Heidi said...

What can I say, I think you'd look great with some bangs, and we'll be twins =) I guess if you can handle me and my cardigan wearing as of late, I can handle you lookin' hot with some bangs. I also like the "swoop" bang, which allows some flexibility. Pray about it..

Tanya said...

I really think the bangs would look good on you. I say try it. . . but only if you're really sure. (you saw what happened to me when I changed my hair on a whim)

Meg said...

I really think you could pull anything off. This would definitely be a fun way to change up your hair. If you decide to cut bangs...you have to show pictures! Hope you had a good weekend.