I think you're a contra.

(This is the lead singer Ezra Koenig, not my photo unfortunately)
I have been to my fair share of concerts, but nothing beat Vampire Weekend. Their sound is perfect mix of chill and fun. They have this whole Cape Cod thing going on which you all I know I love. They played almost all of their songs which only made me happier with each song. They all graduated from Columbia University, so they are smart kids too. Can I also just say the lead singer was adorable? They seemed so happy to see so many people admire their talent and love their music.
If you want to read a little bit about them you can go here 


e and d said...

i stumbled across your blog a few days ago- and i just wanted to tell you that you are lovely and you have great taste! i love your blog! :)

Alix said...

Hello Ashley! I don't even know if you remember me but, I am Ani's sister and I happened upon your blog through hers and I just love it and your style! I also love Vampire Weekend.

Rodney Rasmussen said...

I kinda wish I had gone. Tan said it was amaze.

Heidi said...

Seeing you on a Vampire Weekend high/hangover today was awesome, you were totally smitten with their performance. Sounds like I missed out big. Hope you're having a nice weekend getaway =)