Date Mike.

I have loved the Office from the beginning. I cried when Jim and Pam got married. I've quoted the office more times than I can count. Lately I haven't been that into it, but I watched this last week's episode twice and I think this dialogue is pretty funny.
Enjoy my friends.

Michael Scott:Hey! You embarrassed my friends in front of me
 and I'm gonna need you to go back over to the table
 and apologize.
Manager:Then I am sorry... That I didn't kick you out!
Michael Scott:I am here with my employees. I am here on a date. 
[waving across the bar]Hello!
Manager:Well, uh, I'm the manager here, sir--
Michael Scott:Well it just so happens that I'm a manager too. 
And the way I manage people is that I touch 
their hearts. And souls, with humor, with love.
 And maybe a dash of razzle dazzle! And I don't 
see that from you.
Manager:Is that how you do it?
Michael Scott:Yes it is. I am writing a book about it.
Manager:Really, how much have you written.
Michael Scott:I've written all of it. [pause] In my head. 
If you're really interested, it is called 
Somehow I Manage, and it is going to be
 a picture of me on the cover, shrugging,
 with my sleeves rolled up.
Manager:Huh. Have you read Lee Iacocca's? It's a classic.
Michael Scott:Read it? Own it! But no, I have not read it.
Manager:Dude! Tonight. You're not gonna wanna put 
it down, it's gonna make you wanna go out 
and buy a Chrysler tomorrow.
Michael Scott:I own a Chrysler.
Manager:Shut up.
Michael Scott:No you shut up.
Manager:What's your drink?
Michael Scott:Grenadine...

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Heidi said...

HA! How does Michael do it? He always manages to get the ladies somehow.. Last time I checked, I though grenadine was simply CHERRY syrup flavoring? Too funny. "no you shut up" HAHA