Friday night was fun, really fun as usual.
Curtis, Rodney, and Tanya all have a love affair with chicken wings, and I my friends have quite a large place in my heart for chicken fingers. When I was little and we would go out anywhere, my parents never even had to ask what I wanted because the answer was obvious, chicken fingers.
We had heard about this place called Wing Coop and wanted to try it. Honestly some of the best chicken fingers I have ever had, and I have had a fair share in my life of all varieties. I hear the wings were also swell.

(Why I always make this face in pictures lately, is a mystery yet to be solved.)

For some reason on Friday I felt like baking, and to my surprise Tanya did too. So she made the most amazing sugar cookies, that we then decorated with pride.

Speaking of pride...Rod was very proud of his carefully decorated cookies.

(The cutest face of all time, try and find a cuter face, you won't find one.)


Tanya said...

Ha ha I didn't even know Rod did a blog post, then I saw yours and they really are almost the same. Rotancurash always thinks alike, this is why we are BFF.

Megan said...

That looks like it was really fun...I was wondering where you got the cardigan seen in the third picture down? I would love to know!

Megan said...

Thanks for telling me where you got the cardigan from. I always love everything you wear...you really are darling. I would love to know what places you find all your cute clothes. (I think we definitely already have a shared love for all things J.crew). Thanks again.

Heidi said...

Hey long lost pal. I havent been at the POE because I took time of to study for 2 tests this week. So I assume the name ROTANCURASH is a hilarious name for your fab foursome. You guys are so cute and probably have so much fun =)


Goog & Winnie said...

oh, that picture of whoever with the pile of bones beneath them...sheesh. gross, and hilarious.