Ten things...

That make me incredibly happy.
1. Waking up to my best friend.
2. Sun kissed cheeks.
3. Adrenaline rushes, also called butterflies.
4. Ice water when I'm parched.
5. Falling in love with new music.
6. Learning a new word.
7. Chicken Fingers.
8. The color yellow.
9. Finding an amazing deal.
10. The miniature version of anything standard.
11. Making someone laugh hysterically.
12. Laughing hysterically.

Alright make it 12...

Oh, and I thought I would throw in a picture of Costa Rica, this is where we will be in a few months, and every time we talk about it, we get butterflies.

1 comment:

Megan said...

I too love finding an amazing deal...Isn't it fun to make lists. Once I make them...I usually end up feeling more organized and more happy with the things that surround my life. Costa Rica sounds like it will be fun..I can't wait to see it documented on the blog.
xoxo, Meg