Welcome back..

...Project Runway.
I can't get enough of these extremely talented individuals with visions and futures in fashion design. I am amazed every challenge, at how quickly these people are able to construct beautiful clothes in small time frames. I have fallen in love with so many pieces and many of the designers. One of my favorites was a couple of seasons ago. Everything was so gorgeous, airy and the most perfect shade of blue.

I also really loved Irina's concept through the entire competition. She had a clear distinction from the other designers and a vision. I loved that the majority of her collection was black and the idea of the helmets.

And how can you not love Tim Gunn and Heidi Klum? How adorable are they? If you haven't watched it you are so missing out on the talent these people have. It's amazing, and quite frankly a dream career for me. If only if only...


Meg said...

I used to watch Project Runway all the time...but haven't kept up with it the last few seasons. I always make sure though that I don't miss the final shows...they are always so amazing to watch. Heres to a new season!

erin louise said...

your right that blue color is amazing!

The Doyles said...

Hey cute girl! I love Project Runway with all my heart. Maybe Ill see you at work sometime...Miss Morning shift =)