We are looking up.

We are craving the sun, and we are looking up ahead to when we will be leaving to Costa Rica. We can't wait. We are going with our good friends Rodney and Tanya for 2 weeks, and couldn't be more thrilled. Today its three degrees, and I am over it.


Megan said...

I am sick of the cold weather too. Walking around campus just about does me in. Heres to looking towards warmer days! (Also, I really love that picture).

Ashley.Latimer said...

Agreed! I think walking around the U has really made me realize how much I dislike the snow and the cold.

Rodney and Tanya said...

It feels like we'll never actually get there. It's all talk and none of it's real. Winter is eating our souls and there's nothing we can do about it except drink hot chocolate, bitch, and moan.