Today is my birthday, and it's been a good one. Yesterday we went to my parent's house for dinner and socialized with my family. We love that. Then today Curtis called me on his lunch break and I met him downtown along with his parents at Tony Caputo's. We love that place. Tonight for dinner Curtis and I went to a little Greek place called Aristo's. It was good, and fun to go out. 

Curtis gave me some adorable things for my birthday, this coat. It's from a brand called Speiwak. Check out their website here. Some of the coolest outerwear I have seen in awhile. It's very feminine with an urban flair. He also got me the turquoise big bubble J. Crew Necklace you see in the other pictures, which I love. 


Am-Biance said...

Yea, Happy Birthday Girl!! Love the coat...soooo you! dinner looked yummy too..hope you had a wonderful day..loveya~

Megan said...

Happy Happy Birthday! It sounds like you had a wonderful day. I love, love, love that coat...adorable! I also love that J.Crew necklace, such a good statement piece.

erin louise said...

Wow that coat is amazing..you've got yourself a good hubby there!! Glad you had a good birthday

Goog & Winnie said...

Happy birthday ash!