Birthday Wishes.

Happy Birthday to this dashing young man.
Today Curtis turns 22, for the fifth time... he's really 26, but he feels 22. I have always thought of Curtis as my best friend, we can laugh about everything without saying anything. Since we have been married, he has just been more and more fun to hang out with. Maybe that's because we have so little time together with school, work, homework... we are busy, so when we do have the time together we don't take it for granted. This is my third Christmas with Curtis. We first started dating in November of 2007 and he was in the process of getting ready to go to India over Christmas. We spent every moment we could with each other. I think we went to REI and the Patagonia store ten times making sure he had everything he needed. The day he left was one I won't forget. We had been dating exactly a month, and we were already inseparable. It was the night he was leaving to India and I was driving out to his house with him to help him pack. As we were driving down the freeway, we were talking about something and as I was mid-sentence, he stopped me and just said that he loved me. It was perfect, and so telling of Curtis. It was obvious I felt the same way. 
Last December I successfully surprised Curtis with all of his friends and family with a birthday party. He was literally shocked and in disbelief. I couldn't believe I got away with it, but it was so fun taking the time to do that for him, to make him feel special and to have him be with all the people he loved on his birthday. There is nothing more Curtis loves then to be around his family and friends, to socialize and to be around people. He's such a people person, it's one of his best qualities.
Curtis is doing incredible in school and is close to finishing up his Bachelors in Accounting. He just got an internship with Tanner LC, which is the largest local accounting firm in Salt Lake. I'm so thrilled and excited for the future that holds for us and for him  in his career endeavors. 
I love him, and am so grateful for all that he takes the time to do for me. He's often the one cooking the meals and doing the laundry while I'm working, and I hope he knows how grateful I am for him for helping keep our apartment in order. He knows me through and through, and he knows what makes me tick. He's insane talented on so many levels. In fact today we went and watched his sister perform at a ward, she's in her high school madrigals. Curtis used to sing all through middle school and high school. We were singing the hymns and Curtis was singing the tenor parts, and I just had to look over and smile at him, it was cute. 
Happy Birthday love.

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Rodney and Tanya said...

You two are darls - 'nuff said